[chbot] Wifi Controlled Power Sockets / Internet of Things

Chris Hellyar chris at trash.co.nz
Fri May 22 02:24:21 BST 2015

This discussion is quite interesting...
I while ago I played with Teleduino and thought of a bunch of random and cool things I could do with it but never quite got there because of the rendezvous server being 'not mine'.
Although I have no reason not to trust Nathan and I was not going to put anything 'secure' on it there was a minor niggle in the back of my mind that put me off.  (Nathan is on the list I think?) 
I showed one of the neighbours and he instantly asked why I'd not used it for lights, waterpump, irrigation, gates, all sorts of stuff...  I found it hard to explain why I'd not, but still there's that niggle...
(If you've not played with it, it's quite neat, btw, and I really should do something with it... Dunno what. :-) )
Cheers, Chris H.
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