[chbot] From Japan

hiroto kawabata hirotok at fine.ocn.ne.jp
Sun Jul 15 10:50:07 BST 2012

I'm sending this again without attached picture.




I hope you can remember us.
Yuito, my son and I were in CHCH 2009-2010.
Then Yuito was one of participant of your RobocupJr competition.
You were generous and allow him to join though his English skill was poor.
He became 2nd place in primary rescue.

Now I would like to send you a great news.
At Mexico city international competition, his team "Amalgam" won both regular competition & super team!

While he was in CHCH he was very motivated I am very thank you all.

I attache a few pics below
Plus you can see some movie at youtube.

Thank you for your all kindness.

Hiroto Kawabata

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