[chbot] Next Meeting is Tue 20th October 6.30pm Science Alive

jimmy allen jimmy1248 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 01:05:12 BST 2009

Hello Richard
Do you have any ATMEGA328's by them self as I already have everything
extra that is needed.

Are you still wanting to do a construction evening/afternoon at chch
creative space?

On 10/4/09, Richard Jones <rjtp at ihug.co.nz> wrote:
> Our next session is just over 2 weeks away on Tue 20th October 6.30pm in
> the Science Alive Seminar Room.
> A while back I posted details of the challenge to push 330ml drink cans off
> a Science Alive table. (see original post below).
> I have a robot built ready for this challenge complete with a can lifter to
> lift and carry the cans. Small edible prizes will be awarded to robots
> turning up to join in the fun.
> Also at this session I will bring along the ATmega328 kits. Bring along $20
> if you registered for a kit. There may be some change from your $20, I
> still don't have the final cost.
> Richard
> Posted on 14th September...
> A few folks have suggested that a Robotic challenge at each Chch Robotics
> session would be a good thing.
> Hayley suggested solving aspects related to Robocup rescue could build up
> to a complete rescue robot. So for our next challenge I suggest a challenge
> to build a robot to push all the cans off a Science Alive table without
> falling off. The robot to complete the task in the fastest time wins.
> Expect four or more empty, unweighted 330ml drink cans. A future task would
> be to pick up the cans and drop them off the table.
> We can put the table near the ground to prevent damage to errant robots.
> Using a table rather than a genuine rescue mat makes it easier to test at
> home.
> The challenge will run from 6.30pm on 20th October at Science Alive.
> Comments anyone? (I know Guy and Alex want to do drag race one day).
> Richard
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