[chbot] Invitation to Robocup Challenge Sun 17th August 9am Science Alive

Richard Jones rjtp at ihug.co.nz
Tue Aug 12 00:51:49 BST 2008

John Wynyard at Science Alive has asked for a few volunteers to help in the
organisation of the Robocup Challenge on Sunday 17th august 2008.
The event runs from 9am with presentations at 2.30pm. John maybe be
contacted by phone 03 353 4574 or email robotics at sciencealive.co.nz
Observers are welcome too and observer entry is free. If you are at school
not already entering consider coming along so that you can enter next year.
The competition is sponsored by Toshiba and MTA. 

The competition is open to secondary and primary students who build a
program a robot (generally using Lego Mindstorm kits) to compete in one of
three challenges, Dance - 2min dance routine timed to music, costume for
both robot and student common; Rescue - students develop a line following
program using light sensors so their robot can make its way to a 'chemical
spill' and rescue a victmin (soda can); and  Soccer - where robots using
light sensors and sometimes compasses to locate an IR ball, can become
quite complex as robots need to know where they are on the field field has
different colours)

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