[chbot] Low power PC/Device for linux..

Chris Hellyar chris at trash.co.nz
Sun Nov 4 21:19:25 GMT 2007


I'm looking for a local supplier of a PC/device suitable for use as an
industrial data logger/controller.

Needs to run from 12V supply (14.1V-11.5V) run a full linux ditro (etch
probably) have a real hard disk drive interface (for laptop/SSD ATA/SATA
drive), a couple of serial ports and an ethernet interface.  Not worried
about speed too much, and need to keep the power down around 10W.

Anyone used anything like this, or got a weblink they want to share for a
local option?  I've found a few overseas on the web, but would prefer a
local supplier if possible.

They are for use in a prototype wind turbine control / data logging /
weather station setup.

Cheers, Chris Hellyar
p: 03 324 4462
c: 027 255 3494
w: http://cpix.co.nz

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