[chbot] Recommendations for fibre in CHCH

Helmut Walle helmut.walle at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 00:10:53 GMT 2021

There are two pieces of plastic pipe here: over the past few years, the bundled empty pipes from
all the "local exchanges" (not sure whether the term is accurate for these greyish telco
cabinets on street corners where all the cables from the neighbourhood are meeting) have been
buried under the roads, and they usually end at the boundary between the road or public land and
your property. The second piece of plastic pipe is what the fibre business installs from this
roadside point across your property, and it goes to a ducting box typically somewhere on your
outside wall. A single piece of fibre is blown first through the bundled pipe, then fed through
the second pipe on your property. The two pipes are somehow joined and sealed at the property
boundary. There will be enough loose fibre being fed through to cover the distance from wherever
the plastic pipe on your property is terminated to the location of the ONT.

In my case, the installer simply taped the end of the fibre to the end of the copper line coming
out of the house, and then pulled the copper cable through into the house until the fibre
emerged in the comms cabinet.

To what extent they are willing to feed fibre to a specific location in the house depends on how
much hassle it is - if it's quick and easy to do they may well do it as part of the free or
"default" install. But if it takes extra time and effort, or if there is something unforeseen
they may either charge for it, or ask you to get that part of the installation done yourself at
your cost. This is where reading the fine print really matters...

Kind regards,


On 05/03/2021 12:54, Mark Atherton wrote:
> Thanks.
> I assume you mean that the fibre is run as far as the nearest as Enable road-side cabinet ?
> I assume that enable owns all of the CHCH fibre infrastructure which is then rented out as a
> dark-service, and Chorus terminate the Central Office end with the customers chosen supplier ??
> The customer then rents service from their ISP, who in tun rents dark-fibre from Enable. Is that
> all correct ??
> -Mark
> On 5/03/2021 12:05 PM, Andy Gardner wrote:
>> Recent copper installs have been done in pipe (from roadside to house), so they just pull the
>> new fibre duct from the roadside when they remove the 4 wire telephone cable and then once
>> that's all in place they blow the fibre out all the way from the exchange to the new connection.
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