[chbot] OT lathe coolant

Marshland Engineering marshland at marshland.co.nz
Fri Feb 26 21:40:48 GMT 2021

I know some of you have lathes at home so here is a tip. 

I got tired of being splashed and tanks coolant going off. Plus new tooling
likes to run quite hot. Introducing Hypodermic coolant. 

This works very well. The needle is very small (70c buys 50 of them from
Aliexpress) The idea is that it is a total loss system. If you get the needle
correct, then the coolant is virtually all evaporated when machining. 

Now I can part off without getting wet, plus, the reach is really long so I
can also bore with this. 

I've used a micro adjustment gauge stand as the jet needs to be accurately
placed when machining.   

12volt fuel pump.


Cheers Wallace

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