[chbot] [OT] Password manager

Chris Hellyar chris at trash.co.nz
Sat Feb 20 01:43:25 GMT 2021

I'd second BitWarden.

Ticks a whole lot of boxes.

open source, published code audit records, self-hostable if that's your 
thing.  Browser plugins and mobile apps are solid.

I've been using it self-hosted using bitwarden_rs back-end for about a 
year or so while now and evaluating it at work for a large scale 
comemercial deployment.

Free tier works well if you use their cloud service, and it's only 
$10USD/Year for an individual if you want to sling them some money.

For what it's worth the security history of LastPass is not flash...  
I'd be running the other way screaming if I were you, not just looking 
for an alternative. :-)

FYI: bitwarden is a rust port of the back-end API / DB.  Works well for 
eval or small user base as an alternative to the official one which is a 
bit of a resource hog as it uses MS SQL for Linux. I run it on docker 
swarm+gluster on my stack-o-Pi4's.

- Chris H.

On 19/02/21 10:41 am, Stuart Brown wrote:
> So I've been using LastPass, but they changed their T&C's. You will 
> only be able to use the free tier on one platform, mobile or PC, not 
> both. I'm looking for a password manager that can be used on mobile 
> and PC, and must be especially easy to use so less technical members 
> of the household can get on with it.
> The internet is suggesting switching to BitWarden. Does anyone have 
> any other recommendations or experiences they'd care to share?
> thanks
> Stuart

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