[chbot] New outdoor security cameras for sale.

Cass Jones cass at cassjones.net
Tue Oct 27 04:23:39 GMT 2020

FYI I have just been playing with an aliexpress wifi camera that I made 
the same assumption about, the documentation it came with suggests you 
can only use it over the internet via the mobile app, but it seems that 
quite often they're actually runningĀ  a local RTSP server. If that is 
the case for your camera, then once it's on the wifi you can connect to 
it by discovering it's local IP address (either by checking your router 
/ dhcp server for new devices or by scanning your network for devices 
listening on port 554)
To test it you can connect with VLC (media -> open network stream) using 
the url format rtsp:// (replacing the ip address with 
your cameras ip).
I then blocked my camera's internet access using the router's firewall 
so it didn't send it's stream off to whatever 3rd party service and I 
access it using an android app called onvifer.

On 26/10/2020 11:17 pm, Robert W. Walker, wrote:
> Hi folks...
> I have two brand new unused, outdoor security cameras, tested, 
> weatherproof, full colour and they give good night vision (Infra red. 
> They are for sale.
> They are in the original packaging.
> I will sell them for less than what I paid for them. About $75.00 per 
> each, sold separately, or together.
> I purchased these two from Aliexpress two months ago but didn't 
> realise that these particular cameras talk to your mobile phone (Very 
> well, by the way!) via Wifi but not directly to my local network IP 
> network/ They were, /eventually/, to talk to my own web site. That's 
> MY tragic learning mistake in quite enthusiastically buying the wrong 
> type I needed. I'm happy to let them go. Specifications and details on 
> Google.
> Sold as a non-returnable sale, no warranty, but I can demonstrate them 
> to you.
> I cannot reasonably vouch for or determine the technical knowledge or 
> skills a buyer may or may not have. Therefore, I cannot afford to risk 
> any buyer damage, give repairs or provide any replacement, second 
> hand, for the /next/ buyer if and when they were returned. As is, 
> where is, NO returns.
> 73's de Robert (Bob) ZL2ROB (QTHR)
> 03 351 5162
> Bryndwr area.
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> RWW.
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