[chbot] HEX and ANSII ATMEGA and Delphi

Andrew Starr ajstarr at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 22:28:11 BST 2020

Hi Wallace,

There is support for base64 in the Arduino libraries (if you're using 
them). But with base64 you're encoding 3 bytes with 4, so if you're only 
sending a single byte per transaction it probably isn't much use to you. 
A LUT would certainly be faster, although you're trading code space for 
speed - depends on what your priorities are.


On 24/10/20 10:16 am, Marshland Engineering wrote:
> Hi Andrew.
> Thanks for the reply. I've just done a few c programs for my own use so not so
> great on this.
> First time I have heard of base64.  Basically I want to send the value of the
> tcnt1 to the PC.
>  From my reading on base64, it looks like I have to create my own routine for
> this ?
> Now that you have got me thinking, I can just create my own look up table and
> convert HEX 1,2-F into string "1", "2" etc. That is quite easy and I can then
> send data separator characters as well.
> Thanks Wallace

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