[chbot] 2000psi + pressure sensor.

Daniel Powell danielvieway at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 18 06:50:35 BST 2020

I'm currently developing my own active suspension and wish to meter the pressure in my current aftermarket shocks and subsequently to meter the success of the constructed active suspension.

The shocks would require a 2000psi plus sensor that had less than 10 ms sensor reading.

I've ordered a 3000psi TE (M30J1-000105-03KPG) SPI enabled sensor, however been delivered a 300psi sensor. While I can use this sensor for SPI testing I can't use it in any race car application.  It would now appear that the advertised 3k psi sensor isn't available (possibly still in development).

I wondered if anyone on the list could assist with a pointer for any sensor that'll take 2000psi plus and preferably has a digital output (hence the use of the TE SPI sensor) as the ESP32 ADC isn't the best. The ESP32 being my canbus configured race car network nodes.

Should there be nothing equivalent to the TE SPI sensor, and analogue be better suited, I'll switch to the IMXRT1062 based teensy 4.1. (have two being delivered to play with) and use it's embedded ADC.

Any help appreciated.


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