[chbot] Servo controller

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Fri Jul 10 23:36:56 BST 2020

> Hi Ant,
> Your best bet would be to join the list and ask. We're a friendly bunch,
> and you don't need to have met in person before asking interesting
> questions on the list. Having said that, our next meeting is just over a
> week away. You're welcome to come along and say hi.
> Mark: Ant sent this to the moderator address, so it's only visible to us,
> not to the membership at large.
> Andrew

I'd be inclined to go digital - PWM with a $2 Arduino is pretty easy and
you have analog inputs available for feedback.

I use these to control 24v 250w wheelchair motors I use on my walnut
washing machine:
and an Arduino Nano clone is also pretty cheap:

I have spares of both if you want to try them - I'll not need replacements
until the next walnut harvest season (assuming anything goes wrong with
what I have!). I can bring them to the next meeting ;)

Robin Gilks

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