[chbot] Robotics Group meeting, Monday 20 April 2020, 7:30pm, via Google Meet

Andrew Sands andrew at theatrix.org.nz
Mon Apr 20 11:15:06 BST 2020

Hey all,

Sorry, i was a lurker on the Google meet mainly because I'm at work.

However, when the time comes for a return to normal venue, I'd be seriously suggesting that some form of video streaming be looked at. Being able to push it out to the 40" monitor also made for much better viewing.

To some discussion points and "not that I'd know anything".

You could try calling that named logistic carrier mentioned by Robin, however as they have experienced around a forty (40) percent increase in call volumes you might be in for a longer than anticipated time on hold... :-)

And given that a twenty-four by seven day a week business now runs as two twelve hour shifts a day with a complete clearance of all personnel for a thirty minute window, plus the increased levels of distancing required for those whom move the packages around just leads to inefficiencies. But remember, these people also have families and they're out of their bubbles.

Lastly, it has not been the logistic companies that have decided whether your widget was essential or non-essential. Anything that passed through customs to them would have been sent through the network as normal. However, given the above you can probably see how extra delays are happening.



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