[chbot] Recommendations for a phone/vendor

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Tue Oct 22 08:48:22 BST 2019

> Time for a new phone.

> Removable battery

Nice, but I don't think they much exist any more. One could speculate

The 2 THL models I have used in the past both had issues with the 3
batteries they came with. One with serious issues (acute battery circuit
failure; would only work properly on external power).

How about:

Software updates available for the duration of hardware usability?
That's if you care about not having it hacked.

2 SIM slots?
If you don't want to be taken for a ride when overseas, or for other
interesting things. Like one throwaway antispam number for businesses,
Tom, Dick and Harry?
Note: The second SIM slot never goes at full speed on anything I've had
a closer look at. They all "forget" to mention that in the specs - it's
technically "dual SIM".
Note: Many manufacturers lump the 2nd SIM slot in with the microSD card
slot, e.g. Samsung, so useless if you want both.

Or the number one feature: How good is reception when the nearest cell
tower is some distance? Or, shock, was the phone feature cludged on as an

How about not:

[Long list of dumb, useless, or shity things. Pick any 3.]

E.g. Screen goes around the narrow sides as well, so apart from making
it impossible to make a protective case it's 100% guaranteed to break
when, not if, you drop it. (Anyone have a use for such a braindead

And as Richard points out, lots of drivel features get mentioned, but
only half the useful stuff. Having said that, I choose white cases if I
can because they don't reach boiling point in the sun nearly as fast as

Sorry, I don't have model recommendations. I have yet to come across a
model that ticks all my boxes, and that's while ignoring price (aka they
all suck). But I'm keen to hear what you find...


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