[chbot] Ben Eater, and friends

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Oct 9 08:05:41 BST 2019

I recently took a great deal of interest in the starting point of the 
project that William has since developed into his own, home-grown 8 bit 

This is how I stumbled over Ben Eater, and his Youtube channel.

Incidentally, the Video channel 3blue1brown appeared on my horizon.

Further incidental searches let to the discovery of 
https://www.benbenandblue.com/ which is a collaboration of these two 
guys, plus one other.

Episode BBB #15: "The origins of Ben Eater" is really quite fascinating 
insight to the progression of a college dropout to being engineering 
manager at a professional organisation...

Anyway, benbenandblue has some very interesting and thoughtful insight 
into people, computer, tech and education.


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