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Rob de Voer rob at businesspalz.com
Mon Dec 30 01:24:53 GMT 2019

We sold our home and are moving into a tiny granny flat (couldn't find
short term rental) so we need to lose lots of my hoard to fit remainder in
a lockup... All are in good working order (were when I stored them).

FREE  (or a suitable donation to petty change)
Iomega 100MB Zip drive (Parallel Centronics) with 14 cassettes of 100MB each
Iomega 250MB Zip drive (SCSI) with 4 cassettes of 250MB each
3 x 2inch Sony Data Disk PD-1
HP DAT Drive 2/4Gb (SCSI - model 35470-20150) with 37 DAT Tapes
Hard drives IDE: Seagate 8.4Gb, Seagate 120Mb, IBM 256Mb, Maxtor 40Gb,
Samsung 6.48Gb
Hard drives SATA: Samsung 80Gb, WD 80Gb, Samsung 1Tb, Seagate 1Tb
Hard drives SATA 2.5": Hitachi 100Gb
Monitors LCD:  1 x 17" Dell, 6 x 17" HP (1280x1024), 1 x 15" Philips
3 x Palm Vx with charger dock
Cards: Parallel/Serial, Serial, Creative SB, SCSI I, SCSI II, SCSI Ultra
Sunshine EPROM programmer

Send me a private message if interested and I can bring items to the next
Robotics group meeting.

Have a list of for sale items too (Hard drives, Computers AMD and Intel,
Laptops, Tablets, LED/IPS screens, RPI2s, Webcam, Hauppage WinTV HDR, etc),
send me a private message and I will send details.

Regards, Rob

Rob de Voer


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