[chbot] Hot topic Solder paste.

Marshland Engineering marshland at marshland.co.nz
Sat Dec 7 08:32:50 GMT 2019

I hate throwing things away !!!

Last time I did some PCBs was 2 years ago. As such my solder paste had
expired. Looked a bit dry. Went to Jaycar and saw some hanging from a rack !!!
No fridge. 

Ended up buying some solder paste. Craig Brand Rosin flux. I added about 10%
to my older solder paste, mixed it in and it came up nice and flowey, much
like new. It screened very well on the PCB and flowed nicely in my oven. 

Have I hit the jackpot or is there a 1000 reasons it wont work ? 

Cheers Wallace

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