[chbot] issues with esp8266 nodemcu break out pcbs

Peter Ellens ellensp at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 05:42:13 BST 2018

I've been playing with a few nodemcu boards and came across an issue 
didn't expect...

I got a 'standard' nodemcu esp8266 boards some time ago with CP2102 usb 
to serial converter.

I then decided to get a break out board for them to make experimenting 
easier. I found a board called "New Expansion Board V3 Lua Breakout 
Development Boards for ESP8266 CH340G NodeMcu"

Its a typical advert from china, all sort of buzz words to try and make 
you buy their stuff.

But in this case there is one very important keyword CH340G. It turns 
out the nodemcu boards that have a CH340G usb/serial converter are 
2*2.54 mm wider than the same board with a CP2102 usb/serial converter!

So my breakout board socket is to wide for the narrow nodemcu board...

easyeda and jlpcb to the rescue, I quickly made a physical converter 
pcb. No worries.

Now I noticed the board I made was really quite small and I had been 
wanting to try out the pcb paneling option for a while since it doesn't 
cost any more as long as you stay under 100x100mm total....  I now have 
60 converter pcb's, when of course I only needed 2-3!

So if anyone has the need for a pcb to converter from 22.86mm wide 15 
*2.54mm pins long to 27.94mm wide, let me know! Free to a good home, but 
donations would be appreciated.

I do wonder if a pcb trading site is needed, as I suspect i'm not the 
first or the last to end up with extra pcb's that could be re-homed.

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