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*Just in case anyone has some spare time on Saturday...*



*Ecotech Services celebrates International Repair Day on 20 October 2018*


To celebrate the inaugural International Repair Day event for 
Christchurch Ecotech Services is offering free evaluation and repair on 
a wide range of faulty electrical, electronic and computer equipment.

"Repairing stuff is good for the environment and good for our economy." 
Ecotech Services Managing Director Alan Liefting said today.

"The repair industry has been in a decline at a time when it should be 
growing.  We should be repairing things - not throwing them out.  Our 
landfills are filling up with all sorts of stuff that can be repaired 
and more and more of it is e-waste.  Also climate change is getting 
worse and repairing things help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

"Manufacturers, Government, and consumers are all at fault. 
Manufacturers make cheap products that are hard to fix, consumers buy 
cheap stuff that is hard to fix, and Government lets it all happen."

"But there are some good things happening.  Repair cafes are becoming 
popular, there is a lot of good information on the internet for DIY 
repairers, and some of the US states are looking at enacting Right to 
Repair legislation."

The International Repair Day event will be held in the carpark at 139 
Wordsworth St, Sydenham between 9:00am and 5:00pm on Saturday the 20th 
of October.  Experienced, registered technicians will be present to 
evaluate and if possible carry out the repair of any item that uses 
electricity.  Parts and tools may be made available for individuals to 
repair their own items.  If wet the event will be postponed to the 
following Saturday.


  * Alan Liefting - 027 6461425
  * Ecotech Services - 03 3770773


  * The inaugural Repair Day was held in 2017
  * See https://openrepair.org/international-repair-day/ for a logo and
    more information

Ecotech Services Ltd <http://www.ecotechservices.co.nz>
139B Wordsworth St
Christchurch 8023

03 377 0773

Repair, refurbishment, recycling, and sales
of electrical, electronic, and computer equipment.

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