[chbot] Inexpensive ESP32+camera module.

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Sat Nov 17 21:21:14 GMT 2018

> I was thinking something a bit less sinister, and adding a 2W solar cell, a
> charge controller and a small lipo, making a solar powered letterbox camera.

Great scheme, also captures the doggie owners who don't scoop up their
doggie do do so one steps into it when fetching the yellow aliexpress
pieces. Grrrrr...

> I would then see if any more yellow envelopes from Ali Express are waiting for
> me....

For that I was thinking of a more low-tech approach of rigging the box
with IR diodes and some photo transistors. Catches white communication
pieces and crapvertising too, and the software is a load less


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