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Jeremy Reeve jsr73 at uclive.ac.nz
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Hi Mark,

All points accepted.  It was on the advice of the website at the time that members of the public were welcome to visit between certain hours on a Friday that we visited.  Clearly there is some history I am unaware of, however, even as late as February this year they were advertising machine time, both DIY and 'managed' on the public website.

In fact, what I discussed with them was around the model of a working hackerspace and how it can become self sufficient and they were interested in what has been done elsewhere.  Their priorities in terms of serving education were always clear.

The intention was to flag the workshops rather than imply that jobs should be submitted to them.



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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the update of the classes. You are too new to the group to be
aware of this bit of history, so maybe it is a good time for a reminder:

FabLab ** are not ** a 3D print / Laser cutting fab-house - they are a
social enterprise.

Their first priority is to serve education, and to meet their own
financial needs.

Next priority, is to support community projects.

If time permits, they ** may ** be able to support individual projects -
but this needs to be carefully arranged to with them first. Also bear in
mind that these projects may get bumped to the bottom of their priority
list at a moments notice.

Several years ago, they had a significant problem with 'customers'
demanding professional fab-house type response to jobs which they had
accepted on a (very) casual basis.

Please co-ordinate with them by email if there are projects you need
help with.

If you have to visit them on the off chance don't waste their time
chatting, they are busy, and have limited time available.
Hope this hasn't turned into a rant, it took quite a bit of effort to
straighten out the points above for FabLab a few years ago.



On 13/10/2017 11:03 PM, Jeremy Reeve wrote:
 > Hi there,
 > I went to investigate the Christchurch FabLab a while back and Nadine
Lucombe who showed us around recently let me know about these events:
 > They're intended as introductory workshops and from my understanding
people in this group likely do not occupy that target audience,
nevertheless, they do have a serious laser cutter and it might be of
interest to someone.
 > Jeremy

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