[chbot] CHCH Robotics Group, meeting notes 20 Feb 2017

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Feb 20 08:27:43 GMT 2017

Hello everyone, 

Good turnout, with 18 attendees, $19 collected and transferred to BR05 account. Associated loose change is in the Robotics loose-change box.
With thanks on behalf of the group, 
Mark Atherton
Lots of interest in the ‘new pile’ of goodies on both the BR05 trading table, and the estate table (being managed on behalf of ZL3AO). $$ have been collected and deposited in the appropriate collection places.

Graham A, brought in his home-made spark-eroder. Quite an enormous amount of work involved creating this fascinating project.
William brought his remote controlled multi-camera video switcher in. Also demonstrated his latest watch.
Eliot brought in a home-made 8 relay controller, as part of an art installation. Unit is built around the ubiquitous Arduino.
Robin explained his adventures-with-dangerous-chemicals. All in the guise of creating a PCB echant. He also gave the group an update on his new water-valve controller.
Henry brought in is foldable, portable photo-voltaic battery. Quite amazing..

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