[chbot] CHCH robotics meeting notes, 15 Feb 2016

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Feb 15 09:31:21 GMT 2016

Excellent turn out of 24 members, including a couple of guests, one 
being Andrei Cotiga, the director of the Canterbury Astronomical Society 
(CAS), in West Melton.

Andrei expressed interest that it might be possible to involve CHCH 
robotics members in the restoration, and automation of one of the CAS 

Mike Barnes turned up with a huge collection of new components, 
including 100A latched relays, AT mega 8515 uPs, 2x16 LCDs and a mass of 

Mike was generous enough to donate the proceeds from the sale of his 
parts to the Robotics Group, all of which has been passed on to BR05 to 
cover usage costs for the evening (and beyond).

$72 collected, and transferred to the BR05 account, loose change has 
been held over for next month.


William gave a demo of a modified TV which accepts a VGA feed from an 
older laptop. He talked the group through the modification process.

Robin Gilks talked a little about the West Melton Observatory, to give 
some background.

David Bourke gave one of his spirited SMD repair talks and demos, which 
(as usual) was keenly watched by all concerned.


Thanks again to MB for his generosity.

Mark Atherton
CHCH Robotics Group
15 Feb 2016

Contributions to BR05 radio club so far:

Date 	Collected 	Attendees
15-Feb-16 	$72.00 	24
18-Jan-16 	$25.00 	22
21-Dec-15 	$26.10 	17
16-Nov-15 	$18.00 	15
19-Oct-15 	$20.00 	20
21-Sep-15 	$30.00 	20


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