[chbot] Android frontend to uC projects

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Wed Feb 10 11:27:21 GMT 2016

> On 10 Feb 2016 20:02, "Jasper Mackenzie" <jasper.mackenzie at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Good day All,
>>  I need an Android (et.al.) frontend to one of my uC projects.
>> The micro is connected to my headless server via serial.
>> I would ideally like a stand alone app that connected to the server via
>> WiFi. Presumably some daemon process would be required to interface.
>>  Does anyone have any experience/opinions on 'ready made' solutions to
>> this problem?
>> Handbag looked good, but appears to require an arduino connected via
>> OTG.
>> Doing this via webpage is also a possibility, and again I have no
>> experience with web pages and worse web<-> serial.
>> Even more ideally would be a daemon that could connect to a screen
>> session
>> so I could still get interactive control on the uC.
>> Cheers 8)
>> Jasper
> I'm pretty sure that Synco solved this problem for his autonomous glider.
> He used an android phone to do the navigation with a simple interface to
> the board controlling the plane. Are you there Synco? How did it work?

Bluetooth serial converter as I recall - something like a cheap Bluetooth
HC-05 transceiver

If you really want to use wifi then socat has ways of interacting in
interesting ways with all sorts of things (including web servers and
serial ports!) Check out

Robin Gilks

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