[chbot] New to rework temperatures

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Dec 12 01:49:13 GMT 2016

Yes, you need lots of extra ergs to overcome the thermal inertia of the 
PCB material

You might also try a below-board pre-heater (I use a hot-air one) to get 
the PCB up to 100c. Then the above board re-flow goes *very* much more 


On 12/12/2016 1:42 PM, Marshland Engineering wrote:
> I have a reflow oven and been quite successful. (Used the preset programs)
> I made some new boards and I thought I would try my Tenma rework station to
> solder the few bits on. I set the temp to 250 deg and heated away. This is
> normal leaded solder. Nothing happened, I set my iron to 220 and it soldered
> perfectly. So today I tried on a dummy board and increased the temp to 280,
> still not much an then 300, Finally it started to work.
> I checked the temp of the air with a thermocouple and it is correct. So does
> hot air have to be quite a bit hotter to heat the solder to melting point?
> Thanks Wallace.
> PS I made a great solder screen using a Coke can and my mill with a engraver
> bit. It went really quickly.
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