[chbot] Mail server misconfiguration

Volker Kuhlmann list0570 at paradise.net.nz
Thu Dec 1 22:25:37 GMT 2016

On Fri 02 Dec 2016 10:01:54 NZDT +1300, Andy ZL3AG wrote:

> It used to be that when I sent an email to chbot, I would see it
> arrive back in my mailbox from the list immediately.
> Now, that doesn't happen. The DMARC system on my mailserver is
> rejecting the email because it's "From:" line give my email address,
> but my mail server knows the mailing list server is not allowed to
> send mail in my name.

You are correct in blaming a mailserver misconfiguration, but it's
yours, not the list's.

Since forever mailing lists send out emails with the poster's email
address in From:. Note you can only have 1 address in From:, unlike CC:
or BCC:. What else are they supposed to put in there? You post, so it's
from you. The mailing list server just sends it on, always adding some
headers to show what's been happening (although ever fewer especially
with high-volume marketroidal-crap servers). It may change Reply-to:,
but that's another seering-hot can of fish.

I'm afraid you need to fix your own system...

> My yahoo groups messages come through OK be cause they append the
> mailing list email address to the From: line (I think that's why,
> anyway).

Not possible, sorry. Single address in From:, and it's always been


Volker Kuhlmann
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