[chbot] LCR-T5 arrived

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Mon Jul 13 00:28:45 BST 2015

What an impressive piece of *simple* kit this is.

I went for the all singing and dancing version with a case and
rechargeable lithium cell and so far I can't fault it. I even discovered
the self test (press start with all 3 test pins shorted together).

Might be worth someone who has access to a 'professional' LCR meter to
bring it to the next meeting so a comparison can be made. I reckon this is
as important an item as a multimeter or bench PSU for the home electronics
workshop - probably even more important than an oscilloscope or function

The only question I have, is the inductor somewhere in the battery area of
the PCB likely for charging (from 5v USB) or to boost the supply volts to
5v (from 4.05v) when testing. I've not tried tracing the pcb yet and its
just idle curiosity since it ain't broke!

Robin Gilks

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