[chbot] [OT, possibly SPAM] News from Enphase

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jul 2 01:20:08 BST 2015

Hello all,

Please excuse this posting as it might be considered spam.

However, given the nature of employment within the electronics sector of 
CHCH, and the general nature of our group to try-and-be-helpful, I think 
that this is worthy of being broadcast.



Hi Mark

Enphase is having a tough time filling software positions in California 
and so is mounting a fishing expedition here in Christchurch to gauge 
the size and talents of the local pool of potential employees. To this 
end there are a number of diverse software jobs currently advertised on 
the Enphase web site. These positions will also appear on local job 
sites in the near future. If there is enough interest from suitably 
talented people a new software group will be established. I reckon that 
getting another employer online in Christchurch would be to the benefit 
of all engineers here especially with Tait's ongoing downsizing and so I 
am passing this information around and encouraging potential candidates 
to apply.

Please take a look at these listings 
and spread the word as you see fit.

Best regards, Peter

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