[chbot] Misplaced optical attenuators

Yani Dubin yani.dubin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 02:50:02 GMT 2015


I believe I may have left my new sunglasses in BR05 last night (would be
sitting on a table I think). I did realise I wasn't carrying them as I
left, but was sure I'd just stashed them in my bag. Can't find them now
though, and don't think I removed them at home. They're just cheapies from
AliExpress, but I'm rather attached to them (when I'm wearing them that is).

I thought I'd email here on the offchance anyone from the club sees this (I
think someone said they meet there Tuesday nights?). Please let me know if
you encounter them. Or who I should bug off-list to keep an eye out.

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