[chbot] Drive belt problem (mostly) solved.

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Thu Feb 12 03:01:54 GMT 2015

> If the hammer doesn't work then I'll have to put a couple of tensioners in
> - one each side of the motor pulley, just to take up the slack. I'll need
> 2 as the drive is reversible and the one on the non tension side should
> just pull in the flappy bit :)

Well, the hammer wasn't entirely successful so I've put a couple of idlers
in sprung against each other- good stuff that curtain wire :) Works a

I now get a rest from the angle grinder and welder for a while and do some
carpentry to make the water tank/bath/reservoir that sits under the drum.
Hope to have it all working by the weekend.

Robin Gilks
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