[chbot] H bridge warning!

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Wed Feb 11 23:41:57 GMT 2015

> On Thu 12 Feb 2015 11:16:46 NZDT +1300, Robin Gilks wrote:
>> ** On checking, they use a 1K resistor which sets the slew rate at
>> approximately 8V/us. I reckon that means that out of every 64us at the
>> high rate, at least 6us is in the linear region i.e. about 10% of the
>> 240W
>> going through the circuit is lost in the bridge components.
> Can you change the slew rate limit accordingly? 7x PWM frequency, 7x
> slew rate limit?
> Volker

Not really - the range is about 2 to 10V/us. I say about as the high side
and low side are not totally symmetrical and switch on differs to switch
off as well.

The main thing is that I'm now cool...

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