[chbot] Another parts problem :(

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Wed Feb 4 09:59:59 GMT 2015

Greetings all

And so the saga of the walnut washer continues. Last Monday, 121kg of
galvanised steel arrived - 24m of 40x40 2mm wall, 16m of 40x40 3mm wall
and 8m of 25x25 2.5mm wall square tube. I managed to scrounge up half a
metre of 50x50 to fit inside the brush, mount the axle and fit the drawer
bar coupling from a local company.

With the addition of an old trailer axle, it now looks like this.

Three things left to do
 * mount the controller in such a way as it can be easily removed to keep
out of the weather
 * install the plywood base and pond liner for the 'sump' that supplies
the washing water
 * build the drive for the drum.

Its the last item I need ideas on how to reduce cost.

I've already determined that the way to go is to use a toothed belt
'in-side-out' on the drum so it becomes a large cog, being driven via
toothed belt from a cog on the motor shaft. Adding the bits up I'm not
going to get much change out of $500 for the 2 belts and the cog if I buy
new from somewhere like i-trans.

Does anyone know where I can get the same sorts of bit second hand (i.e.
cheaper) - the cog will require adapting for the correct fit onto the
motor anyway and the drum is 560mm diameter - longer than most car belts
as far as I know.

So - where do I get a couple of long belts?


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