[chbot] Chchrobotics Digest, Vol 91, Issue 7

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Mon Apr 13 12:46:09 BST 2015

Got it in one Mike!

Its up the factory to know about the Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #218
"Always know what you're buying" and for me #41. Always remember #19 :)

> On the other hand, maybe the aim is to get rid of the ones that don't
> *look* like grade-A nuts.... any grade-Z nuts that make it through
> because they look OK represent pure profit  :-)
> Mike
> On 13/04/2015 12:09 a.m., Marshland Engineering wrote:
>> Re: TCS3200 anyone?
>> I would question the colour option. I'm not sure how reliable it would
>> be.
>> Density or some form of sound measuring device may be more accurate.  A
>> nut
>> may be the right colour but have a hole in it which makes it unsuitable.
>> Tree
>> are now graded by sound reflections before they are even cut to
>> determine
>> their grade. Maybe something along these lines would be better.
>> Cheers Wallace

Robin Gilks

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