[chbot] TCS3200 anyone?

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Thu Apr 9 12:22:55 BST 2015

> On 09/04/15 22:09, Robin Gilks wrote:
> [...]
>> I'm thinking more like a channel sorter but with only 1 or 2 channels
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_sorting#Channel_Sorters
>> provided I can get the angle such that the nuts aren't going too fast
>> past
>> the detector.
>> Rather than providing a compressor, I'm thinking more solenoid driven
>> flap
>> that steers nuts to one of 2-3 destinations.
>> Still the problem of getting a steady flow of nuts onto a conveyor or
>> channel shute without them bridging over the outlet of a hopper.
>> I feel a cardboard model coming on...
> A definite thumbs-up on cardboard models! In a few weeks, it can then
> serve as kindling for the log burner.
> A couple of commercially made sorters that are also being advertised as
> suitable for walnuts for reference:
> http://www.insort.at/media/images/freefall_sorter/Freefall%20Sorter%20Information%20sheet%20English%201.01.pdf
> https://www.tomra.com/en/solutions-and-products/sorting-solutions/food/sorting-equipment/nimbus
> They are both free-fall sorters, and actually looking at the way they
> operate, at least the Nimbus works on nuts that have already been
> cracked open, so that it mostly sorts the shell from the nut fragments.
> Just for clarification, do you want to sort the whole nuts as they are
> coming out of the washer? Or are you cracking them open as well before
> sorting?

Hi Helmut

We're not cracking them - we only grow them and wash and prepare them
sufficiently for the factory in West Melton to complete the job which
includes drying to the correct moisture level of the kernel (6%),
cracking, sorting, grading, bagging, grinding, pressing for oil and all
the other products.

They have a 40 channel grader for the cracked nuts at the factory - very
impressive it is too!!

I originally thought of using a Pixy (CMUcam5) which measures hue but at
$5 a pop, the rgb detector looks like a better bet as I can look from 2
sides at once because I can afford more of them :)

Robin Gilks

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