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Volker Kuhlmann list0570 at paradise.net.nz
Mon Nov 17 17:38:44 GMT 2014

On Mon 17 Nov 2014 20:01:28 NZDT +1300, Carl Ranson wrote:

Dudes, please refrain from sending test messages, that just clutters
everyone up and never achieves anything for which there isn't a better
and/or simpler way to find out.

They key information everyone can read easily:

> Chchrobotics mailing list Chchrobotics at lists.linuxnut.co.nz
> http://lists.ourshack.com/mailman/listinfo/chchrobotics
> Mail Archives: http://lists.ourshack.com/pipermail/chchrobotics/

The question "why do I get two copies" is entirely to do with your side
of receiving email, or is only your impression. Mailman (the mailing
list manager used for this mailing list) does not send two copies.
Period. An email is the same if it is sent to the same address and has
the same date stamp(!) and/or message-id header[1]. If it's not the same
you didn't get two copies.

Mailman is a very flexible program and you can configure your membership
subsciption in many ways. Check the settings before asking "why does
...", "why do ...", etc. The listinfo link above gets you to it.

By default, mailman does NOT send you a copy of your own email (unless
the list administrator changed this for this list), and also does NOT
send you another copy if the person who sent the email sent it to the
list and cc'ed you on it (unless the list administrator changed this for
this list). First thing I always do when subscribing to a mailman list
is to fix these two settings up for me (I want to see if my email went
through, and I want to get all the list copies, including mine and cc'ed
ones, because my list email sorting gives me a complete list archive to
search and cc'ed list stuff gets deleted from my inbox).

To find out if you are subscribed use the "lost password" link. You
either get a password or an error emailed back. You could also subscribe
again and the response will tell you the same.

Could everyone please remove "mail reflector" from their vocabulary.
Apart from being the wrong name it also does not reflect reality of how
things work.



[1] Read your mail program's manual to find out how to inspect message

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