[chbot] Pushing a trolley with a robot

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Wed Aug 20 05:40:49 BST 2014

Greetings all

I've hit an interesting problem with my walnut harvester.

The actual nut picker-upper (the trolley in the diagram) is a push device,
obviously you can't pull it along as the wheels of the drive unit will
either crush the nuts to be harvested or push them into the grass out of

I have in mind using a lead screw to move the handle of the harvester left
and right to keep the picker directly in front of the drive unit such that
as the driver unit correctly its course the picker is always directly in

I guess its a bit like automating the reversing of the trailer!!

Does anyone have any nuggets of information of other ways of doing this?


Robin Gilks
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