[chbot] interesting open source 32-bit cnc brd 5 axis for US$185 on kickstarter website; closes in 14 hrs.

Henry Allison hcf_allison at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 14 04:02:16 BST 2013

Hi, Folks.
   Check out the 'Smoothieboard' Project in the technical section of Kickstarter, if the idea of a cheap single-board, open-source 3-, 4- or 5-axis cnc controller with tutorials for retrofitting or creating 3D printers, routers, laser-cutters or any similar device (even a pick and place SMT machine) appeals.
    Sorry I didn't send this sooner; if you want one you can either pledge now for delivery in November or wait til prob February when they may be generally available. I may get one then.
     Cheers, Henry.
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