[chbot] OT: VOIP phone services and hardware

Richard Jones richard.jones.1952 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 21:33:41 BST 2013

I'm caught up in earthquake repair house moves and I'm beginning to realise
that life could have been a lot simpler and cheaper if my landline phone
service was delivered using voip as this could seamlessly track with my new
broadband connection location and save a lot of cash over the months. We've
not reached the point where we don't want a fixed line phone.

If I sign up with 2talk prepay $0/month and modest call charges, all I need
to do is buy a cisco SPA112 for about $80 delivered connect up my old
analogue phones and I will get a phone service that is simple enough for
visitors to use for quite a modest cost. With a little effort I can
probably transfer calls to my mobile using a sip/voip app.



Anyone have experience of this approach? Recommended alternatives?
Successful android / iphone voip apps for pstn gateway connections?

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