[chbot] High Power LEDs

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Oct 6 06:40:32 BST 2013

> > Can't find any real data on the DC-LE14177, but the price it 
> right and the application volume too low to be an issue (?)
>One of the reasons for wanting a datasheet is to be able to judge 
>its likely colour. It takes time to test, no matter the purchase 
>price. I dislike all the drop-in bulbs on the market I've seen so 
>far as being plain green. Yuck.

Buy one and try it. The soft white unit I have seems to have quite a 
low colour temperature, not unlike the 75W incandescent

> > http://www.superlight.co.nz/ may know about approved LED PSUs, 
> bet they are 4x the Chinese price.
>Apart from that, where do you buy superlight stuff from? I asked 
>them earlier this year and got nowhere.

Phone AKL and try again


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