[chbot] High Power LEDs

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Oct 3 01:38:58 BST 2013

27V * 0.35A may be 9.45W

My comparison between the 75W in my office and the 10W LEDs was 
subjective. Wikipedia indicates that the 75W lamp may be in the order 
of 1200lm, but seemed close to the LED output. So LED was high, lamp 
was low or my eyes are out of cal :)

Can't find any real data on the DC-LE14177, but the price it right 
and the application volume too low to be an issue (?)

http://www.superlight.co.nz/ may know about approved LED PSUs, bet 
they are 4x the Chinese price.

The 100W devices seem interesting, they (sure-display) also have an 
RGB device, 30V + 30V + 24V which makes it a bit more complex to 
drive, although for colour control three current regulated PWMs could 
be used...


At 10:42 a.m. 3/10/2013, you wrote:
>On Wed 02 Oct 2013 20:36:25 NZDT +1300, Mark Atherton wrote:
> > Just been given some 10W LEDs to play with DC-LE14177
>Good tip, thanks.
>Did you ever find the manufacturer and a decent datasheet for them?
>Given the price it's probably Chinese, and I have yet to see a datasheet
>from a Chinese manufacturer I'd rate as high as average.
>Any chance to determine the power consumption from your sample for the
>stated 800lm? The 350mA isn't marked typical, and 27V * 0.35A only sums
>to 6.75W, not 10W, so my confidence in the numbers overall isn't very
>high, especially with a peak power of 60W and no ocnditions for it.
>And where do you get NZ-approved 240Vac power supplies for this kind
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