[chbot] Seeed Studio's Fusion PCB service.

Hadley Rich hads at nice.net.nz
Fri Mar 22 19:21:54 GMT 2013

On 23/03/13 07:04, follower wrote:
> Out of the three (Seeed, OSH & Hackvana) OSH Park has the most
> automation (including nice board previews generated in the browser for
> confirmation), then Seeed, then Hackvana (who I've not tried partly
> for that reason).

The automation at OSHPark is nice. I prefer the boards from Hackvana 
though, no mouse bites and a selection of colors, also the silkscreen is 
nicer (logos turn out better etc.)

Hackvana is working on more automation and web based ordering, it's 
getting close now apparently. It also has quicker shipping in my 
experience and options for fast turnaround if you need it.


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