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Thu Mar 21 23:15:55 GMT 2013


Wirewrap the prototype, design the PCB, send it away wait two weeks.
Seeed will only take Gerbers in RS-274x format, so Protel can generate
them, they can make em. 

Here's the full line items for the board I had
made. Order was placed 10th March, arrived yesterday. 

Fusion PCB
Service - 2 layers (PCB08511P) 
File D74576_Zed_Camera.zip
Layer 2
Thickness 1.6mm
PCB Dimension 5cm Max*5cm Max
PCB Color Green
Finish Hasl
E-Test 100% E-test(Free)
PCB Qty. 10 

Cost was $9.90,
registered shipping was $5.24. 

All the pricing is on
- minimum order is for 5 boards, but at the smaller sizes 10 boards
costs the same. The cheapest per-board prices are for thirty boards.


On 22.03.2013 10:54, Mark Atherton wrote: 

> So I should give
up on wire wrapping now ? :)
> How much was shipping to NZ ?
What was the lead time ?
> Any idea if they take Protel design file
> Ta
> Mark

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