[chbot] Christchurch Reprap 3d printing meeting

Michael Field hamster at snap.net.nz
Thu Mar 14 07:40:17 GMT 2013

There is a flood of cheap ARM boards arriving. I've only just ordered a 
pcDuino from Sparkfun for US$59 (can't wait for it to turn up), and then 
saw these:




For US$49 I could have SATA, an IR sensor and 96 pins of I/O, or for 
US$65 I could have onboard WiFi and SATA (but no I/O).  :-(

They are not that much more expensive that a Raspberry Pi, but
*  have a faster CPU, (1GHz A8 ARM)
* 1GB RAM,
* Their power system is better too, so you can say goodbye to needing a 
USB hub for anything more than a keyboard
* best of all is the 2GB or 4GB of on-board flash - so no extra $ for an 
SD card!

If anybody is going to ordering one, can I piggyback on your order? I'll 
split the postage (P+P is $20 for DHL 5-day courier)

  Alternatively, ping me an email an I'll try to do a group purchase...


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