[chbot] introduction + The Foundation

Marek Kuziel marek at kuziel.info
Tue Aug 20 03:01:42 BST 2013

Hi guys,

I am a long-term lurker on the list who is also not able to attend the
meetings, because I don't have Monday evenings free to be able to do so :-/

To introduce myself, I am a sparky by trade, automation/robotics guy by
education, Python developer by business, and I also do some other things eg
building my own house, brewing beer, tinkering with Arduino, Beaglebone,..

Apart from saying hi, I would like to tell you about "The Foundation" which
is a new Christchurch makerspace which I help to co-organize.

We had a successful inaugural meeting on Sunday, where we started
assembling 3 x 3D printers.

Meetings are organized here:

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