[chbot] OT : smart phone shopping list

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Aug 12 10:07:42 BST 2013

Hi Geoff,

Thank you, that looks very interesting, hits every one of my 
requirements and is locally sourced (which I much prefer).



At 08:33 p.m. 12/08/2013, you wrote:
>I recently bought a Alcatel onetouch M'pop, and am pretty pleased with it.
>Price Tag: $199
>Spec Sheet: http://www.gsmarena.com/alcatel_one_touch_m'pop-5242.php
>Low cost Android smartphone, less than NZ$200: Yup, just.
>No contract: Can buy handset only (It's what I did)
>Not locked to any telco (Voda, Telecom, 2 degrees): Not sure. Came 
>with a 2 degrees app, so possibly. Most of the preinstalled apps, 
>like facebook and twitter, can all be uninstalled without having to 
>root the device.
>Not required to be registerd with manufacturer (as Motorola require): Nope
>Must support blutooth keyboard (HID) - (Android 4 or above ?): 
>Android 4.1.1. There's an app that comes pre-isntalled for managing 
>it. I haven't tested it bacause I don't have one.
>All data services available using WiFi (VOIP, HTTP etc): Tested 
>http, haven't tried VOIP.
>Support 32G uSD card - HDSD: Apparently. Mine came with a 2gb and I 
>haven't bothered upgrading it. It also has 2gb inbuilt flash.
>Can be used as a 3G / WiFi gateway: Yup, I use it as a wifi-card for 
>my laptop. I see no reason it can't be used for 3g also.
>Replaceable screen / digitizer: Well, you can buy them on ebay, so I guess so!
>Google maps support, with local map download via WiFi: Google maps, 
>yes. For local maps support, I use Navigator. I can provide a link if you like.
>GPS: Check
>Accelerometer, gyros and compass a bonus. Accelerometer, yes. Compass Yes.
>Additional Nice Features:
>  - 5mp camera (and a low quality one facing the other way)
>  - FM radio
>  - Comes with Flip Top (which some may find annoying)
>My Opinions:
>  - Runs (really) fast, has a very good screen (high enough 
> resolution/big enough to read ebooks comfortably).
>- Plenty of internal storage without needing external (unless you 
>listen to music, or store videos on it).
>- Wifi is excellent. Get's better reception than any of my previous 
>[laptops cellphones]
>- The 4" screen is a tad to big for my hands. You can't quite touch 
>all of it while holding it with a single hand.
>Just to let you know what I have....

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