[chbot] OT : smart phone shopping list

Marshland Engineering marshland at marshland.co.nz
Mon Aug 12 00:49:39 BST 2013

I've just bought the Samsung Galaxy Note2 phablet. The biggest feature was 
the stylus. It now makes a spreadsheet a viable option on a phone. The pen 
digitizer is great and the 5.5 screen is really useable. Satellite GPS is 
great and switching from WIFI to Cell data is excellent. Other phones I had 
often delayed the change over for quite a while.

Cons - Lots of gimmics.

If you want to wait, in the next month or so Samsung will be selling their 
new phone with Windows 8 and an atom processor so you will be able to run 
your windows apps directly on the phone. It is 10" though but only weighs 
500 grams. Sim card, GPS, stylus etc all included.


So the option is a cheap phone to call and a Samsung 10" Phablet for 
actially doing some work wherever you are. 

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