[chbot] USB - RS232 modules.

Chris Hellyar chris at trash.co.nz
Sun May 13 03:37:35 BST 2012


I wanted to have a USB socket on it rather than a tail, but I'm not 
above hacking the plastic off a dongle. :-)

For audio at the moment I'm just using the line in/out on a laptop that 
actually has an RS232.  For permanent install I want it to work with a 
netbook so USB is required.

I've used soundmodem / hamlib for packet decoding but that's it for *ix 
ham stuff so far. For echolink sysop mode the windows software is more 
stable than Echolinux.

I've had the link running most of the day and it seems to be fairly good 
with two one QSO that reported good audio. Although if I use a whip on 
the HT the PTT is sticking so I assume there's RF getting in somewhere.  
(7W on 2m will do that...)

It's node #713494 if you're bored.  It'll be online for another couple 
of hours before I take it to bits to put some ferrite beads in random 
spots to stop the RF pickup issue.

73  :-)

On 13/05/12 13:03, Andrew Errington wrote:
> Cheers, Chris H.
> Word on the street is FTDI is the one to choose.  I have bought some of the
> shot-moulded USB->RS232 adaptors and peeled the plastic off to access the TTL
> lines on the FTDI chip.  In my meanderings so far this is the most
> cost-effective way as the 'breakout boards' are far more expensive.
> What are you using for your audio in Echolink?  I did some work to utilise a
> spare I/O on the audio chip in a popular USB audio dongle.  The I/O can be
> hooked up to PTT, which eliminates the serial port (or its equivalent)
> entirely.  Code is present in the latest 'soundmodem' and 'hamlib'.
> 73,
> A
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