[chbot] Small Micros with I2C bus OT--> patents

Charles Manning manningc2 at actrix.gen.nz
Wed Apr 27 01:20:38 BST 2011

On Sunday 24 April 2011 03:37:36 Michael Pearce wrote:
> Also a side note... Atmel and others are currently in court over their
> <=8 pin Micro-controllers  - in breach of a patent about external pin
> count vs internal data path width
> Also applies to 16bit micros in packages <= 16 pins and 32bit Micros
> <=32 pins etc.
> Two possible results: 1. they have to withdrawl the parts... 2. they
> have to pay a lot of money, increasing the price of the parts.

or possibility 3.... probably the most likely:

Microchip will have their dopey patent thrown out.

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