[chbot] Last Weeks Robotics Meeting at Cashmere Club

Richard Jones rjtp at ihug.co.nz
Sun Apr 3 11:26:56 BST 2011

Mark Atherton kindly organised the venue and located a quiet corner for us
to meet. With only five of us we did not stick out too much and it looks as
though we would be welcome to meet there regularly until either Science
Alive is back up and running or something else turns up. With a supply of
drinks and hot chips the Cashmere Club certainly has its compensations. Nice
suggestion Mark, much appreciated.

Mark brought along some free stuff from his garage clear out, some ADSL
modems and other goodies that were snapped up. I also brought along the
stepper motors kindly donated by Chris Hellyar. There is still a nice
selection left, if anyone needs steppers for a project drop me a line.

Hanno brought along a working demo of an Arduino fitted with 3 axis gyro and
accelerometer with a PC application running to derive pitch, role and yaw
and display the result on a rather snazzy 3D graphic.

We discussed the FPGA initiative, I'm sure that I can find us a room at Tait
Radio Communications if we want to go ahead with some gate array tutorials
or a group project.

It was suggested that we could maybe alternate the Cashmere Club sessions
with visits, maybe to members garages / sheds or other locations.

Any offers to host the next meeting? I probably can't make a mid April
meeting so anyone who offers to organise it may also choose the date.


Richard Jones
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