[chbot] $90 Netgear Router + firmware source

Morris skibear at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 01:13:35 GMT 2010

For $90 I suggest the Asus WL-500G Premium V2:

240MHz CPU
8MB flash
*very* easy to flash with low risk of bricking.
2 USB 2.0 ports
A serial port (open up unit and soldering required)
A JTAG port.

In Christchurch http://cbcnz.com were selling them cheaply.

The main downside is the stable wireless driver is only available for
the 2.4 kernel.

I have a WL-520gu which costs the same, but has less features. I plugged
an arduino into the USB port and burned firmata onto it. On the router I
installed Python, pyserial, and pyduino without trouble. Worked well
(although I blew my motor drivers last year and haven't got aruond to
fixing it yet!)


On Sun, 2010-01-17 at 12:58 +1300, Simon Knopp wrote:

> Hi
> I notice there have been a few people interested in hacking wireless  
> routers for robotics recently. I just came across Netgear WGR614L for  
> $89.99 at http://www.firstin.co.nz/product.asp?ProdID=1605.
> > The WGR614L features a 240 MHz CPU, 4 MB flash and 16 MB RAM, and  
> > runs the Linux operating system. Users can customize and modify the  
> > router to achieve special functionality and optimizations, as well  
> > as create custom software applications.
> >
> > The router comes with a comprehensive open-source user guide, and  
> > for additional development support you, the router has its own  
> > active open source Web community (myopenrouter.com), featuring user  
> > forums, downloads, and blogs.
> >
> Just thought some of you may be interested.
> Simon
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